About Marcel van Zomeren

I am Marcel van Zomeren, proud owner and chef of In Den Rustwat in Rotterdam-Kralingen. My most expensive ingredients are love, time and the top quality products we use. Of course, these products are carefully chosen from organic and local growers (including Food Forest and De Biesbosch).

The basis for our dishes is French cuisine, to which I like to add global influences. My curiosity keeps me inspired for new dishes. My mission? Is to surprise our guests every day, together with my fantastic kitchen and service brigade!



Our beautiful cottage from 1597 is a valuable asset in a city like Rotterdam. Although our younger guests often think of nostalgic food when they think of IDRW, it is the oasis of serenity with a modern and innovative cuisine that makes the guest experience at IDRW so exquisite.


In 1959 our beautiful cottage found its current location, after being moved from the top of the Honingerdijk. In den Rustwat (IDRW) was given a dignified resting place, far enough from the bustle of the Maasboulevard. Since the reopening on May 18, 1960 by then Mayor van Walsum, IDRW has become known as one of the best fine dining venues of Rotterdam. Families, businessmen and groups of friends all prefer our restaurant because of its perfect location, lovely food creations, large terrace and the beautiful ‘Oranjerie’, our private dining room.