What exactly is an Orangery?

An Oranjerie or Orangerie (from the French oranger: orange tree) is a building where in the winter the container plants are kept, which are kept outside in the summer.

An Orangery was built to show off the expensive and exotic trees brought over from distant lands and colonies. Due to the climate, it is not possible to keep tropical or subtropical plants and trees outdoors in Northern Europe. These are therefore planted in tubs, so that they can be placed indoors during the winter. Special structures were built for this purpose. Large greenhouses and palm houses were built for other trees. These buildings usually date from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Sparkling aperitif suggestions

Champagne Edmond Roussin Premier Cru Brut 12,50 per glass
Moët & Chandon Brut Imperiale 64,50 per bottle
Corpinat | Macabeo, Xarel-lo | Spanje 11,50 per glass
Strauch | Riesling | Duitsland (Alcohol free) 11,50 per glass
IDRW Gin & Tonic 13,50 per consumption


Jambom Paleta | 50 grams 12,50
Irish (Gillardeau) Oysters cru | lemon 4,50 each
Oyster a la plancha | soy lacquered eel | potato crisp 7,50 each
Duck liver | pistachio macaron 3,95 each
Smoked eel mouse | lemon macaron 3,95 each
Sexy starter | Doyy caviar 5 gr. | blini’s (2) | Crème fraîche 17,50 p.p.
Sexy starter with as glass of Champagne 29,50 p.p.
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