Enjoy the Orangery at In Den Rustwat

What exactly is an Orangery?

An Oranjerie or Orangerie (from the French oranger: orange tree) is a building where in the winter the container plants are kept, which are kept outside in the summer.

An Orangery was built to show off the expensive and exotic trees brought over from distant lands and colonies. Due to the climate, it is not possible to keep tropical or subtropical plants and trees outdoors in Northern Europe. These are therefore planted in tubs, so that they can be placed indoors during the winter. Special structures were built for this purpose. Large greenhouses and palm houses were built for other trees. These buildings usually date from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Dinner for a larger group.

Restaurant In Den Rustwat is more than a refined, contemporary restaurant in an authentic building at an ultimate location. The Orangery behind the monumental building is the ideal place for a culinary afternoon or evening. A perfect place for a business, family, birthday or wedding lunch or dinner.

The Orangery is suitable for a group of up to 45 guests and has its own entrance, toilets and a terrace with privacy, in the middle of nature. The Orangery is also available on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on request.

The Orangery only has round tables, a maximum of 9 guests can sit at the largest table.

Call 010-4134110 for more information or reservation without obligation, or send an email to info@idrw.nl 

Sparkling aperitif suggestions

Champagne Edmond Roussin | Premier Cru Brut 15,00 per glass
Champagne Guy de Forez | Brut Rosé 16,50 per glass
Vuurzee| de goede en de stoute | champagne gegist bier  9,95 per glass
Sekt | strauch | sparkling riesling 0% 12,50 per glass


Oyster cru 5.95 each
Oyster | tosha dashi | lemon gel | myoga | puffed rice 7.50 each
Macaron duck | chocolate 5.00 each
Brioche Eel 5,95 each
Wagyu cecina 17,50 50 gram
Blini’s imperial caviar 17,50 5 gram